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Windows 8 Master Boot Record (MBR): How to Fix? [Tutorial]

Fix your Windows 8 MBR and solve those issues which are causing boot failure.

As most of our readers have already upgraded to Windows 8, we are frequently receiving good feed-back about this new OS. And we also agree with it. We have been huge fans of Windows 7, considering it the most advanced, efficient and stable system for that time. But, after installing the latest iteration from the Redmond based company, we have been surprised to see that the new OS has taken the above mentioned characteristics to a new level.

Generally speaking, these new systems are not going to crash easily and for no reason (Vista sometimes did that). However, there could be some situations when, even a brand new and well developed software like the one we are talking about in this article, could cause some problems. And most of the main problems, that an Windows OS could have, are related to its boot procedure.

When Windows 8 refuses to boot two kind of problems could have appeared: the first kind is related to the hardware configuration which could prevent the OS to boot. The second kind of problems could appear due to an error in the master boot record (mbr). Today, we are going to show you how to solve this second kind of problems. The ‘symptoms’ for this error appear in the first boot screen, after the BIOS has been loaded. Your computer will display a message, informing you that the boot configuration cannot be found.

In these situations, those experimented users are usually starting to install a fresh copy of the OS. But this is not a ‘must’. It could be solved more easily.

Here it is the tutorial on how to fix the Windows 8 Master Boot Record (MBR):

1. The first thing you need to do is to look for the Windows 8 installation kit and insert it in the DVD reader.

2. Check your BIOS configuration and make sure that the DVD drive is set as the first boot device. Because, this is a procedure that may differ from a machine to another, please refer to the owner’s manual which has been provided by the PC manufacturer (or by the motherboard manufacturer, if you have assembled your machine with different parts, from different manufacturers).

3. Boot your machine, using the Win 8 installation kit.

4. In the first screen that will appear, click on the ‘Next’ button.

how to fix windows 8 mbr

5. Then, select the ‘Repair your computer option’.


6. Select ‘Troubleshoot’ in the screen where you are asked to ‘choose an option’.


7. Then, select ‘Advanced options’.


8. After the ‘Advanced options’ screen is displayed, you need to click on the  ’command prompt’ tile.


9. The command prompt window will now be displayed. Here, you have to input the following command line: ‘BOOTREC /FIXMBR’. After entering it, press the Enter key.


10. At the end of this process, your Windows 8 MBR should be fixed. You just have to restart your computer normally, without booting it from the installation DVD.

We hope that the tutorial for fixing the master bot record for Windows 8 has helped you in solving the problems related to the OS boot. Please share with us your opinions on this. Thank you!

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