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Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors: wireless charging, 1.8 GHz Exynos CPU, Android 4.2.1

A lot of rumors on the new flagship: Galaxy S4 is featuring wireless charging, 1.8 GHz quad-core Exynos CPU and Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean.

The rumors on the Korean Android flagship don’t stop coming. Furthermore, they tend to become more frequent and somehow very close to the truth. That’s not a surprise, having in mind that the release date of the new Galaxy S4 is close (estimated in April/ May 2013) and the Seoul based company has probably already begun testing its new device.

Today we have two rumors which, if they turn into reality, would be some great features on the new Android smartphone. First, we will report a very expected characteristic which was anticipated even before the current Samsung flagship (S3) has been released: wireless charging.

Let’s take a close look to this new feature. Is it the same technology that Nokia is trying to release? Well, no. Despite the fact that the Finish competitor is embedding this technology directly in their smartphones, Samsung looks like it has chosen to use a similar approach with the one Palm had provided a few years ago on its Pre series. For those which cannot remember anymore, the wireless charging for those devices has been accomplished with the help of a recharging device. This concept needs a recharging mat a special back panel to be attached to the new Galaxy S4.

Rumors are also saying that the Korean based company has also been interested in using the resonant magnetic coupling technology which allows a device to be wirelessly recharged without actually touching the recharging station. And Samsung is not the only company which would like to use this method. Apple has also registered a few patents which target this outstanding recharging method. Also, the prices which this new tech require are considered to be huge and, therefore, the Seoul based company might go with the standard concept of wireless charging for their brand new galaxy S4, as described in the above mentioned paragraphs.

Galaxy S4 to feature wireless charging but with the help of recharging device

As usual, there is no official information coming from Samsung on this subject, either, but with some publications spreading tons of rumors about this new concept, we tend to believe that it is almost impossible for the new Android flagship to come on the market without this interesting feature.

So, enough with wireless recharging. Let’s proceed to the second topic of opur today article on the new Galaxy S4: the Exynos CPU. Even if we have reported a while ago that the new processor which will power up the Korean Flagship will run at a speed of 2 GHz, it looks like there are evidences that Samsung is currently testing its prototype with a 1.8 GHz CPU.

In two online benchmarks results databases, GT-I9500 smartphones have appeared. As you might already know that’s the model which Samsung has picked for their next generation smartphone. The interesting things are coming from the fact that the CPU speed for both smartphones, which have spotted in the benchmark results, is 1.8 GHz. You have noticed that I used the ‘things’ word. That’s because another characteristic has been revealed by this test results: both devices were running on Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean).

Benchmarks reveal 1.8 GHz Exynos CPU and Android 4.2.1 on Galaxy S4

If we evaluate this situation for a little longer, we might also believe that the Korean based company might have done this tests on purpose, in order create a little hip or some sort of teaser. Also, they could have easily under-clocked the CPU to 1.8 GHz, in order to surprise their fans with a 2 GHz processor on the official release date of this smartphone. We don’t know that but we are quite sure we will find out soon.

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