Maxthon Browser For Android Offers Tabbed Browsing And More

Most people who purchase an Android device will use the smartphone without customizing it in any way. Android device manufactures made lots of progress recently, so their Android devices are ready for use right out of the box due to optimizations taking into consideration both the Android operating system and the hardware that it’s running on.

While this is true for some, Android is still an open operating system that allows you to customize it in any way you’d like. Today’s article is going to get into details regarding a customization that you can do for your Android device.

If you want to browse the internet, the stock browser from Android 2.3 Gingerbread is really ok for moderate use but it does not offer that many features. This is why many Android users choose to install a third party browser like Opera Mobile or Dolphin browsers, one of the two most popular alternatives available for download on the Android Market.

Though not that popular like the two, Maxthon Browser for Android offers tabbed browsing and more options that you can customize. If we are to quote Maxthon’s description from the Android Market, it is the world’s fastest & smartest browser for Android. At the same time it is fast, secure and free to download and use.

Maxthon browser for Android can be installed on a high range of Android devices as it is compatible with most Android 2+ versions. Like we said, Maxthon browser for Android offers tabbed browsing and more features that we are going to detail.

Maxthon Browser For Android Offers Tabbed Browsing And More

Maxthon Browser For Android Offers Tabbed Browsing And More

Maxthon browser is able to sync your data with a cloud (much like its competitors, Opera Link and Google) or cover your tracks while browsing using a feature found in desktop browsers, called private browsing. If your Android device has a big sized screen you can enable the full screen mode in Maxthon to view the webpages even better. Similar to desktop browsers, you can install add-ons in Maxthon browser that really enhance your browsing experience.

If Maxthon browser for Android, which offers tabbed browsing, would have a better and more aggressive marketing strategy it could compete with the top two mobile browsers – Opera and Dolphin.

If you would like to download and test Maxthon browser on your Android device, you can use the below link to access directly the page on the Android Market.

Click here to download Maxthon browser for Android.

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