iPad 3 Battery Life/ Recharging & Overheating Issues [Review]

Are you worried about the iPad 3’s autonomy (battery life) and overheating problem? There is nothing to worry about. We will show you why.

After testing a couple of days the new iPad 3, we have recharged twice and we can confirm that the 10 hours of autonomy which Apple is promoting are real. Of course, this is the maximum autonomy that can be reached in normal usage conditions. However, if you will run games all day long or do streaming through AirPlay then this autonomy will drop with a couple of hours, depending on the various functions you are using. Even if the battery on the new iPad 3 has an almost double capacity, the new much powerful components are consuming much more energy, when compared to iPad 2. Therefore you will not see any major improvement in which regards the battery life of the ipad 3 tablet. Apple is saying that their tablet is saying that the battery autonomy of their device is enough for a day long usage. And this tends to become true.



iPad 3 autonomy (battery life) and recharging cycles

Having in mind that the battery of the new iPad 3 has almost a double capacity, the device takes longer to recharge. In our case, it needed six or six hours and a half for a complete recharging cycle. During this time, we have de-activated the internet connection and we also did not use the tablet. Therefore, we advise you to leave the tablet to recharge over night so you could have a fully charged battery in the next morning. If you will keep the internet data connection opened and you will also be using the tablet during its recharge period, those six hours we have mentioned above could become sever or maybe eight, depending on how you will be using it.

You should know that iPad 3 refuses to recharge while playing games or running applications which will use its entire processing power so it would ideal for you not to use the tablet while it is recharging. Otherwise you might have to wait a very long time for this process to end.

iPad 3 overheating problems

Let’s discuss a little bit about the overheating issue on the iPad 3. We have to admit that the new iPad 3 is warming a lot but the heat which is being dispersed by this device is not more than the one from a laptop. You will notice a slightly higher difference when you’ll compare it with iPad 2 but if you are used to hold a laptop on your feet while working with it, the new Apple tablet heating problem will not become an issue for you. It is somehow normal for this product to warm more than the previous one because of the hardware components which are more powerful and need more energy to work. And let’s not forget the new display which has twice as many LEDs.

Therefore, our conclusion on iPad 3 is that it offers the same good autonomy that we have being offered with iPad 2. However the battery recharging might take longer. Regarding the overheating problem, we consider that this is nothing more than just a myth.

So what are your experiences with the new iPad 3? Have you encountered overheating problems? What’s the battery life that you are seeing on your new tablet?

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