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During the iPad 3 presentation event, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO has presented also the new iOS 5.1, which became available for download.

The release of iPad 3 is not the only bad news which apple fans have received on Wednesday. Tim Cook has announced, during a press conference, which as been scheduled on Wednesday that the new iOS 5.1 is ready for download.

An important factor which grants the success of post-PC devices is the iOS. The Apple’s CEO considers it the most advanced and easy to use operating system for mobile devices.

The new update to iOS 5.1 contains also a virtual assistant (called Siri) which is now better educated and capable of speaking the Japanese language, too (until now only English, German and French were available).



iOS 5 has been introduced in October, 2011, together with the release of iPhone 4S. Meanwhile a new update became available. IT was called iOS 5.0.1 and it had the scope of fixing the battery issues on iPhone 4S. These issues were related to bad autonomy but that update only managed to handle them partially. Therefore, the new iOS 5.1 download promises to fix them totally.

Below you can find some of the improvements from which you can benefit if you download iOS 5.1:

–          The photos can now be deleted directly from Photo Stream;

–          A new video and photo camera shortcut has been added on the Lock Screen for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch 4;

–          A system which is able to use the camera in order to detect faces and highlight them;

–          A new camera application for iPad video and photo camera.

We are now very curious to see when the first jailbreak application dedicated to iOS 5.1 will be available for download. If we take a moment to recall some facts we could remember that the first jailbreak solution became available after two months since the iOS 5 was officially released for download. This happened during the winter holidays. In January we have also received the untethered jailbreak solution for this new operating system. We can only say that we are anxious to put our hands on the jailbreak solutions for iOS 5.1, too.

iOS 5.1 Download Links

As promised, you can find below the download links for iOS 5.1. Please select your link according to your device:

The devices which are already running on a version of iOS 5 can also download the new update over the air (OTA). In order to do that, grab your iDevice and access the following menu: ‘Settings’. Then tap on the ‘General’ tab and select ‘Software Update’. The next thing you have to do is, obviously, to select the ‘Download and Install’option.



The download size for iOS 5.1 update is 189 MB.

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