Internet download manager install

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a manager and a download accelerator that speeds up to 5 times normal speed and manage your Internet downloads.

A resume function will automatically start the download, in case of technical problems. Internet Download Manager (IDM) integrates well with most common browsers: Internet Explorer , Netscape , Safari , Opera , Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome , etc.. It offers a powerful  site download tool. From here you can download it.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) install process

Once you’ve made on the official website, after downloading the software and run the executable, the installation wizard will start. Click next on the first window. Keep on selecting next until you have a window withthe Finish button. Click on Finish. Then selet the language of the Internet Download Manager (IDM).

internet download manager (idm) install

internet download manager (idm) install

If you use Mozilla Firefox browser, you will get a message informing you Internet Download Manager (IDM) has been fully installed and integrated in Firefox.

Accsesing Internet Download Manager (IDM)

You can run Internet Download Manager (IDM) by pressing the Windows start button > Programs > Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Download a file using Internet Download Manager (IDM)

There are several methods to download a file with this tool. The easy one is by using your normal browser and clicking on the “Add URL” button on the top left corner. A new window will open. Enter your download link in the ” Address “and click” OK. A new window appears (that looks like the window that appears whn you click on a download link in your browser) where you can choose the directory (with the “Save as” command) to save your file.


Internet Download Manager (IDM) directs several types of files in different categories to sort all the downloaded files. We will see in the next step how to add a category if you feel it’s necessary.

– The default download directory  ” C: / Users / yourname / Downloads ” (for Windows Vista or Windows 7 ). You can change this by clicking on ” Options “on the main interface then” Save As “.

Optionally enter a description if you wish, and finally click on the ” Start ” button(or” Later ” if you want to put the file in the queue). The download will be in progress now. Remember that you can pause a download (as long as the web server has the recovery function activated) and resume later from the main interface of Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Wait until you have a window announcing you that the download has finished. Now you can open the file you downloaded directly from this window, in Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Add a category in Internet Download Manager (IDM).

You can add a category in the list of all downloads. Righ click on the downloads folder, visible through Internet Download Manager (IDM), and click “Add a category”. A new window will appear and you will have to input the name of the category, define the type of files that will be included here (inpt their extensions and leave space between them). Set a default category where files will be saved. The new created category will appear between the ones already made in the process of installation of Internet Download Manager (IDM). To change an existing category, right-click on it and choose Properties.

Limit download speed in Internet Download Manager (IDM)

You may need to limit the speed of your downloads with Internet Download Manager (IDM) if you do not want to use all your bandwidth. For this there are two ways to limit the speed of IDM . I’ll present both of them

. – start by clicking on the ” Downloads ” menu =>” speed limiter “=>” Settings . A new window opens where you can set the maximum download speed for a file:Then click ” OK “. Please note some Internet servers may terminate the connection when the speed is too low. Thus it is not recommended to use the speed limiter for uploading files on servers that do not have the “resume” feature activated. Finally do not forget to click ” Enable in  Speed ​​menu limiter earlier.

– For the second method click Options in the main interface of Internet Download Manager (IDM). A new window will open. Go to the tab “Connection then select ” Download speed limit”.

So this time you can set a maximum number of MB (Mega Bytes) to download in a given time (in hours). This method is more convenient to limit the speed through multiple downloads. Finally, click on the ” OK “to confirm.

internet download manager (idm) install

internet download manager (idm) install

Download media content in Web pages, with Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Finally be aware that Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download media (videos flv, mp3 audio ..) from web pages. When Internet Download Manager (IDM) detects a downloadable media you will have a button named” Download this file … “. The next thing to do is to select where you want to save this file.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is an excellent manager and download accelerator but the only drawback that you can find on it is that it is not free.


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