IconRestorer Lets You Save & Restore Desktop Icon Position In Windows 8

Saving file after file on your desktop or extracting contents of archives in the same location, can lead to having a clogged up desktop, full of icons which you do not necessarily use or need. To increase productivity while you’re working on the computer, you should get rid of such files or icons wasting desktop space and then arrange the remaining icons in a way that will help you identify them easily.

Even though you manage to clean your desktop and arrange the icons as you like, whenever you will connect another display or a projector the position of the icons will change, most likely to the default icon pattern from Windows 8.

To solve this issue, you have to download and use an application called IconRestorer, which lets you save and restore desktop icon position in Windows 8 with just a few clicks. IconRestorer has been designed to easily arrange the desktop icons to a previously saved position.

IconRestorer Lets You Save & Restore Desktop Icon Position In Windows 8

IconRestorer Lets You Save & Restore Desktop Icon Position In Windows 8

Using IconRestorer you will not have to worry about having to re-arrange your icons on the desktop if someone makes a prank or if their position change when you connect an external display to the laptop.

How to save desktop icon position layout?

To restore the position of your desktop icons, IconRestorer first has to save the desktop layout. When you are satisfied with the position, you must click on ‘Save Current Desktop Layout’ button to make it the default icon position. Folders and files can be arranged independently of the saved icon position, so you will have to manually move them to the desired position.

How to restore desktop icon position layout?

If the position of the icons on your desktop has been recently changed due to various reasons, you can click on the ‘Restoring last saved layout’ button to re-arrange the icons to the position that you’ve previously saved. Please note that for the icons to be restored properly, you have to make sure that the ‘Desktop auto-rearrange’ option is not selected in the menu accessible by right clicking on the desktop.

Click here to download IconRestorer to restore the position of your icons on the desktop.

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