How to unsubscribe and delete your Google Plus account

How to unsubscribe from Google Plus?

Despite the fact that the social network has just been launched and enjoyed in great numbers, pumped by the enthusiasm of  a new network, there are also many users who would like to raise the white flag already.

These users would like to know how to leave the Google Plus social network but don’t know how. Well, there is a classic button to delete the your user in a few seconds, by following a method that requires not that many clicks and you’re done. Let’s see how to remove your Google Plus account in an elegant and painless way.



To unsubscribe from Google Plus you need to log in your account, click on your name/email in the top right of the screen and select Account Settings. Here you’ll find a button called “Delete and Remove Profile Associeted Social Features”.

From here on you must click on the Delete Google Plus content button and also on Remove Selected Services.

That’s it! You’re out of the Google Plus social network. It’s a fast process and not too complicated. Result? All the content and all of your activities will be eliminated.

One thought on “How to unsubscribe and delete your Google Plus account”

  1. I don’t even know if I have an account, etc. I hate this Plus stuff as well as Hotmail Outlook, but it looks way too confusing as to how to unsubscribe…………..what a DAMN mess!!!!!! Regular Hotmail and google worked just fine, and now you have completely screwed it up……get me off now!!!

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