Transfer Pictures From Mac / PC To iPad With iTunes [How To]

If you just purchased the latest version of the iPad then it is very likely you’re going to want to show your friends those gorgeous shots you’ve taken on your recent holiday, on iPad’s beautiful retina display.

Well, you’re in luck because with this article I will show you how to transfer pictures from a Mac / Windows PC to iPad with iTunes software. This guide can be accessed on the author’s website,

I will not waste any more of your time and tell you what is required to be able to view your pictures on the beautiful retina display. Obviously, the most important part in this guide is to have a USB cable to connect your new iPad to a Mac or Windows PC. Also you will have to install iTunes on your Windows PC or Mac if you have not done so yet and also to create a folder on any of the computers containing the pictures you want to transfer to the iPad.

Once you manage to have everything setup, you can transfer pictures from a Mac / Windows PC to iPad with iTunes the same way no matter which type of computer you are using. You must follow the same steps on both Mac OS X Lion and Windows 8 operating systems.

Transfer Pictures From Mac PC To iPad With iTunes

Transfer Pictures From Mac PC To iPad With iTunes

The first step is to create a folder in both Mac OS X Lion and Windows 8, where you will have to add all of your holiday pictures that you want transferred to the iPad.

Next, you should grab the USB cable and then connect your iPad to the Mac or Windows PC, depending on your situation. It would also be a good moment to open iTunes and then select iPad from the device detected list.

You should now select the ‘Photos’ tab in iTunes, tick the ‘Sync Photos from’ checkbox and then select the option called ‘Choose folder’.

When the window opens you will have to browse to the location where you have the pictures folder saved on your Mac or Windows PC. Once you locate the folder, click on ‘Choose’ and then on the ‘Apply’ button to start transferring pictures from Mac / PC to iPad using iTunes.

When the transfer is complete, you will be able to access the pictures on your iPad by opening the Photos app on your device. You should not worry if you also have subfolders in that folder as they will be transferred automatically as their original location and can be found on the iPad inside the Photos directory.

Our advice would be to create a setup an iCloud account so that from now on, your pictures and files will automatically be synced with all of your devices, no matter if you’re on the iPad or on your Mac.

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