How to Sync Android with Mac OS X

I am writing here about the sync that can be done between an Android smartphone and an OS X Mac , like Mac Book Air for example.

I know that most of the people think the sync between Android and Mac is impossible, due to the fact both Google and Apple are limiting their products in terms of free communication between each other.

Other issue came might be the question “Why would I want to sync an Android running device with an other OS X Mac device? Anyone who has a Mac Book Air, for example will probably buy an iPhone instead of an Android Phone”. Probably…but not in all cases. iPhone is an expensive tool. It dose a lot of good things, it runs very well, without blockings and wobblings, and the best of all, it has that original design which most of the Android phone makers tend to copy it (see the Samsung Galaxy S2 and you will understand what I am talking about). But it does  have some important lacks, like: no flash, using iTunes every time you want to add something in your phone etc. And the price is higher, too.

how to sync android with mac

how to sync android with mac

So why not buying an Android even if you already own a Mac computer?

As I said in the above paragraphs, it will be one single problem: How to sync an Android smartphone with a Mac device?

In order to sync your Android with an OS X Mac, you will need this:

an Android smartphone

double Twist

– Rings Extended software, available on Android Market

I recommend you to read this tutorial until it ends and after that to try to sync your Android with OS X

Android OS is created in order to work perfectly with Google Cloud. This is a free service which allows you to sync your data from the Android phone with it. Google Cloud is included in your Google Account and, automatically, will add your Android phone, too.

Now if your data you in your Android is not already sync-ed with Google Cloud, then you can easily connect your smartphone to the Mac, install the double Twist application and transfer your data (videos, photos, music etc) like using the iTunes. I don’t recommend using this app instead of iTunes for other purposes except for making a sync between Android and Mac OS X. It just does not run so good.

How to Sync Android with OS X Mac

1. Plug in the USB cable in your Android phone and in the OS X Mac, too. If the Mac will not see your phone, then enable the USB mode in the Android smartphone.

2. Enable the USB mode in your Android phone. After that, in your OS X Mac, the double Twist app will display a message saying that your android phone has been found.

How to sync music from Android to Mac OS X?

The iPhoto application should automatically start now and it should run like an iPhone or a photo camera would be connected.

Double Twist application is also used for sync-ing your Android Phone with OS X Mac when it comes to put photos from the Mac in the Android phone.

In double Twist you should be able to see the Photo Library on your Mac. Also you should see there all your albums and the Pictures folder. This kind of sync-ing Android with Mac OS X is very simple. You just drag and drop the photos from your OS X running Mac onto your Android Phone.

When finished sync-ing pictures from OS X Mac to Android, just unmount the phone and that’s it.

How to sync music from Android to Mac OS X?

iPhone has a media player which could be compared with the one on the Android phones. The main difference is that iPhone play iTunes. Most probably, you will need to transfer some iTunes from your Mac in the android phone. In order to sync the iTunes from Mac to Android you have to use double Twister this time, too.

You have two options here:

1. you can sync the Android phone with the Mac by creating a playlist with double Twist which would include your favorite music. When finished you just drag your playlist from Mac and drop it in Android.

2. you can also import a playlist from Mac in your Android. This also implies using the double Twist application. But you must be sure you have already created that playlist in Mac, before launching double Twister.

how to sync android with mac

how to sync android with mac

How to sync ringtones from Mac to Android?

Android smartphones are capable of setting ringtones from almost every type of audio file. So after you sync-ed your iTunes from Mac to Android, you can set one of them as the ringtone of that Android phone.

In order to do that, you have to go in the folder where you saved the music in Android, hold you finger on a track and on the menu it will appear, select “Use as phone ringtone”.

How to sync Android with videos from Mac?

You must do the same procedure as you have done when you sync-ed your photos from Mac to Android. Use doule Twister to drag and drop the video from Android to Mac. They will be stored in the Gallery of your Adroid phone.

How to sync Android with contacts from Mac?

If your contacts are stored in your Mac Address Book, then you have to sync them with Google. Go to Adress Book on your Mac, then enter the  Preferences menu. There you have to select the Accounts Tab. In this Tab you should check the “Synchronize to Google” option. In order to configure it, you should insert your Google Gmail address and password.

How to sync Android calendar with the one on Mac?

This will be done in the same way you have sync-ed your Mac contacts with Android.

So, you will need to open iCal in Mac and move all your events to Google Calendar. In order to do that, open iCal, go to the Preferences menu and select the Accounts tab. In this tab, click on the “+” button (low left corner of that tab) and make a new calendar.

Log your Google Gmail address and password there and choose a Google account type.

A few facts about Mac:

Mac is a series of different families of personal computers designed, developed and sold by Apple . The first Macintosh, the Macintosh 128K , was launched January 24, 1984. It is the first commercial success for a computer using a mouse and a graphic user interface (instead of a command line interface ).

Mac replaces the Apple II as the main product from Apple. However, Apple’s market share fall, before a renewal of the Mac in 1998. At that time Apple released the all-in-one consumer desktop, called iMac , which allows Apple to escape a very probable bankruptcy. It became the very successful brand for the company.

In 2011, the Mac market covers the artistic professions, education and individuals with the following models:

– the iMac (in an updated version);

– the Mac mini (a small office or home computer entry level);

– the Mac Pro (workstation);

– MacBook , MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops ;

–  Xserve server.

The production of Mac is based on a model of vertical integration : Apple is responsible for the design of its machines and some of their components and software based on pre-installing its own operating system on any Mac. This contrasts with most computers sold with different operating systems, where many manufacturers are responsible to create materials designed to use the operating system from another company. Between 1984 and 1994,  Mac was operating with processors from the Motorola 68000 family , before using, between 1994 and 2006,  PowerPC processors from AIM Alliance . Since 2006, Macs uses x86 processors from Intel .

To operate the Mac computer, Apple has developed an entire family of specific operating systems. Based on a graphical user interface, they are known as “System” (versions 1 to 7), before becoming Mac OS (8 and 9). At the dawn of the 200o year, this line is replaced by Mac OS X , developed by NeXTSTEP . On Mac Intel microprocessor, it is possible to install operating systems like Microsoft Windows , Linux , FreeBSD and many others. With PowerPC processors, however it was already possible to install UNIX OS

Facts about Android:

This is the OS which Google created in order to be used on mobile phones. It has his roots in Linux and therefore is a very reliable operating. system.  Android platform is in fact a Linux virtual machine with features created especially for givving maximum performance on smartphones.

The applications for Android can be downloaded by smartphones users from Android Market. This platform contains free and payed applications which are checked in order to raise on the demands of the Android OS. Of course, you can find here also a lot of 3rd party applications created for Android mobile devices.

Android has a lot of free services like: Google sync, Gmail, google maps etc. The web browser in Android is based on the PC application Google Chrome.

how to sync android with mac

how to sync android with mac

I hope this tutorial on How to Sync Android with Mac OS X was useful for you.


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