How to shut down & restart Windows 8 using a shortcut

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8 has been designed to work on both tablets and PC’s in the same way. A consequence of following this strategy means that some of the features that you were used to before, are not easily accessible.

One of these features is the very basic shut down & restart Windows 8 command, which is now hidden under the charms bar requiring you to use more than one click for properly turning off your computer.

I am aware of the fact that you had to click a couple of times in Windows 7 to shut it down as well, but with the new design it feels a bit harder than before. Some users actually reported that it took them a few ways to get used with the new way of powering off or rebooting the computer.

Fortunately though, there is an easier way to shutdown Windows 8 if you are tired of messing with the Charms menu. This method involves using commands which have been available in almost every version of Windows, but they were probably not that useful for the average users.

Below you will find the steps that you should follow in order to make it easier for you to turn off your PC using a shortcut.

shut down & restart commands in Windows 8

Go to your Windows 8 desktop and then right click and click on New and then on Shortcut to open the menu.

Now enter the following command shutdown /s /t 0 to create a shortcut for shut down or command shutdown /r /t 0 ,  for the one which will restart your computer.

Use shutdown or restart as the name and then click on the Finish button.

Right click on the shortcut and select the Properties menu. When the new window opens, go to the shortcut tab and click on Change Icon. An error message will now appear, saying that your shortcut does not contain an icon but that’s ok. This is the step where you actually choose one for it.

As soon as you click OK on the warning message, a window which contains all the icons registered under the Shell .dll will be displayed. It is recommended to choose the red shut down icon from Windows XP and respectively, the green one for the restart shortcut.

shutdown icon

Once you have made your selection, click on OK to close the icons window and then again on the same button to close the properties window.

The trick here is to make these commands available right within the new Start Screen in Windows 8. To do this, you simply have to right click each shortcut and then select the Pin to Start Screen option.

By doing this, you will be able to shut down the computer with just two clicks: one on the start screen and then another one on the shortcut.

Alternatively, you could pin both shortcuts on the taskbar as well but I don’t recommend you that because you could hit it accidentally.

The last step is to hide the two shortcuts on your desktop. To do that, just bring up the Properties menu again and tick the box next to the Hidden attribute found in the General tab.

This trick for Windows 8 was published by laptopmag back in August last year.

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