How To Root Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) Tutorial

Learn how to root Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) tutorial.

Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) is an entry level Android smartphone. It has an TFT capacitive touchscreen with a size of 320 x 480 pixels. Being a capacitive type of display, the colors and the graphics are very well displayed, when compared with the resistive ones. Also, its user interface has been designed to be used without the help of a stylus pen. The diagonal of the screen is 3.5 inches. Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) features the multitouch technology and its controls are touch sensitive.

Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) has some decent dimensions: 114.1 x 59.9 x 11.7 mm and it weighs 120 g.

This android smartphone comes with 2 GB of internal memory, 512 MB RAM memory, and a card slot which can host up to 32 GB. However, Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) comes with a 2GB microSD card included in its original package.



On the connectivity side, this Android smartphone comes with an internet data connection pretty slow: up to 3.1 Mbps. But it can be understood, since this is an entry-level phone. Also, you will receive a standard  WiFi modem, WiFi hotspot, DLNA, Bluettoth 3.0 with A2DP and v 2.0 microUSB.

The camera on Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) is entry level, too. It has a 3.15 Megapixels sensor which is enough for taking occasionally shots. IT features also the geo-tagging technology.

Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The CPU is  1GHz A8 Cortex and the GPU is PowerVR SGX450.Together with the 512 MB amount of RAM memory, this phone should offer decent performances in some of the latest applications or games, available in the Android Market.

Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) has also a GPS sensor, a proximity sensor and an accelerometer. Its browser supports HTML and Adobe Flash. The media player on this new Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone is able to play most of the popular formats: DivX, XviD, MP4, MP3 etc.

This Android Phone offers some other useful features: organizer, image/ video editor, document viewer, Google Search, Maps, Gmail etc.

Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) Root

You should know that a root on your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) will provide you with an administrator account in the OS of your smartphone. With this account you will be able to modify a lot of the characteristics which you phone has. This means that the root will provide you with the freedom to uninstall different applications which came by default in your phone, or to install some applications which cannot be found in the Android Market. Also, you will be able to tweak some of the hardware configuration on your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110).

You all know that Android 2.3 Gingerbread is a very good version of this famous OS. As Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) is equipped with it, it should work very fine during its entire life. But, most of the users of Android phones have reported slow downs of the speed of their phones, after a while of usage. This happens because, we all are installing a lot of different applications in our phones, and they become lazy. A root on your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) would repair this issue.

Also, crashes of the system are common when it comes to Android phones. The reason is the same as described in the a/m paragraph. The solving is also the same: root your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) so it won’t start crashing after a while.

I know that I have quickly described some of the benefits that a root brings to your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) but let me give you some more details here. After you root your phone, it will be possible for you to uninstall applications and widgets which have been installed by default by the manufacturer. Not everybody loves them so there is no point keeping them in the memory of your phone. Also, there are a lot of applications which cannot be found in Android Market, and some of them cannot be installed in your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) due to this fact. Therefore you should root your phone in order to install those applications. Another great benefit which comes from the root process on your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) is the possibility to tweak your hardware configurations. Some Android phones users have managed to overclock their CPU, after their phones have been rooted.



How To Root Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110)

The root process on your How To Root Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) is simple. However, you need to be very careful. If you don’t follow the entire root process your phone may be severely damaged. Therefore, please read the followings, before proceeding with the root tutorial:

- be very careful and patient during the root process;

- you will be provided below with a link to site from which you can download the application which will root your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110). Make sure you check if the application supports your phone, too. If it doesn’t than we cannot guarantee that the root process on your phone will work, or your phone will not suffer any damage.

- make sure your phone has a full battery. Also, please restart it before proceeding.

- do not start the root tutorial for your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) before reading this entire article.

Root Tutorial for Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110)

  1. Download Universal Root from here
  2. Save it on the external memory of your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) (memory card);
  3. Access the phone’s menu. Go to Applications and check the following option: Unknown Sources
  4. Navigate to the card memory of your phone and access the folder where you have copied the application mentioned at the first step of this tutorial
  5. Run UniversalAndroot.apk
  6. It is very important to wait until the root process on your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) end

This was the entire process through which you root your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110)

We highly recommend you follow entirely root process as described above. Also, you should know that your phone could suffer serious damages if the root process fails. Remember to check the battery status and to restart it before proceeding with this tutorial. This is important because in this way you make sure it won’t crash during the root process. If this still happens, you need to let your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) enter in the factory settings recovering mode. Do not restart the root process until it finishes with the settings recovery.

I strongly recommend you to take care of how you benefit of the freedom that the root process on your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) gives you. Therefore, you should know all the risks are involved when proceeding wiht an action that is permitted only after your phone has been rooted. Hardware tweaks are also dangerous, therefore, you should know exactly what are the risks if something fails when doing this.

XDA Forum will provide you with a lot of information on what are the risks when doing the root process on your Samsung I110 Illusion (SCH i-110) and also on how you could safely benefit of the advantages coming from this process.

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  1. I have found this tutorial to be less than informative. None of the techniques described here are viable at all. Universal root says that the device cannot be rooted, and to say that XDA has a lot of stuff on the SCH-i110 is also not true. They have nothing but a few people asking questions and getting no answers. I am not new to Android nor am I new to rooting. I have tried this exact procedure to the T on 3 Illusions, and each one says the same exact thing… Something tells me that you, yourself, did not try this. Now, I feel like I am being somewhat of a douche in this, so please accept my apologies for that. And if you can offer some legitimate advice and proof of this device being rooted with this method, I am all eyes and ears. I have also tried other methods of rooting it, all have failed… Its looking like this device is un-rootable.

    1. Then Why is it telling me, that all 3 devices I have tried cannot be rooted with a message that reads, “I cannot root this device” Am I missing something? What version of the program did you use?

      So far, every one click program I have tried has failed. I need this device rooted…

  2. doesn’t work I also tried universal root gives you the sorry! I can not root this device :( “…. The search continues for the root the oder universal root says “Failed! NO ~~~~~Fu goo~~~~~

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