How to Root Samsung Exhibit || 4G

“How to Root Samsung Exhibit || 4G” is a tutorial for which you don’t have to a specialist to follow it

Known as the Samsung Galaxy W, or Samsung Ancora, the next smartphone coming from the Korean company has been revealed. It is actually called Samsung Exhibit || 4G, which could be distributed in the United States in November, by the T-Mobile operator.

While Samsung Omnia is about to be launched with its Windows Phone operating system, first in Italy and the in the entire Europe, another smartphone from the Korean company is revealed. Called Samsung Galaxy W or Ancora, it has actually been named Samsung Exhibit || 4G. As the name implies, is an improved version of the old Exhibit.

how to root samsung exhibit || 4g

how to root samsung exhibit || 4g

Some first photos have been released with the new Samsung Exhibit || 4G smartphone. We can see on its back the T-Mobile logo.

The new Samsung Exhibit || 4G will come with Android 2.3. Gingerbread OS. It will have a 480×800 capacitive touchscreen with 16 M colors. The screen diagonal is 3.7 inches. This is somehow a small diagonal, when compared with the champs of this class (Samsung Galaxy S2), but be sure it is enough to display in decent conditions) all kind of applications. Speaking of applications, they will pretty easy to run on the 1GHz Snapdragon processor on the new Samsung Exhibit || 4G.

Unfortunately, there is no news on the amount of RAM nor the graphics coprocessor which will be delivered in the new Samsung Exhibit || 4G. Wedon, though, that it will come with a microSD which will handle an amount up to 32 GB of storage.

The photo camera on Samsung Exhibit || 4G will feature a 3.15 MP sensor and a LED flashlight. The secondary camera used for videocalls is a VGA one. Don’t expect too much from the photo characteristics of Samsung Exhibit || 4G. It will just do some photos when you need them and that’s about all.

Regarding the connectivity side, Samsung Exhibit || 4G comes with a classic line up. It features AD2P bluetooth, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi hotspot creativity, HSDPA and HSUPA. An excellent feature is the 4G high data speeed capability (HSPA+) on the new Samsung Exhibit || 4G.

Samsung Exhibit || 4G will be able to play MP4/WMV/H.264/H.263 formats and also the audio ones: MP3/WAV/eAAC.

Features like organizer, digital compass, document viewer, photo and video editor, google search, google maps, gmail, adobe flash support, YouTube application etc will be carried by default by the new Samsung Exhibit || 4G.

The price for the new Samsung Exhibit || 4G is set to $29.99 at T-Mobile. But it comes with a two year contract, which will also include a fee tor the 4G contract. Having in mind that the price was reduced from $50, and, also, this kind of phone will be sold by other networks as a premium one because it features the 4G capability, we must consider this an excellent price for the new Samsung Exhibit || 4G.

In fact, there is no way for the new Samsung Exhibit || 4G to become useful for you if you will not acquire a 4G cotract for it. But Samsung Exhibit || 4G has been announced by T-Mobile to be sold in Wal-Mart Stores with no anual contract. Its price will start at $199.99.

T-Mobile will sell the new Samsung Exhibit || 4G starting November the 2nd. The color in which it will be available is marine blue. We must mention that the previous Samsung Exhibit came in black and violet.

We are expecting that the new Samsung Exhibit || 4G to be a hit, as it was its predecessor. That’s because it comes with a good price, decent characteristics and, hopefully, lots of reliability.

Why should I root my Samsung Exhibit || 4G?

When you root your Samsung Exhibit || 4G you are making a super user account on your Samsung Exhibit || 4G. This root will allow you control the entire Android OS which is installed on your Samsung Exhibit || 4G. Therefore, you will be able to delete widgets and applications that are by default installed in your smartphone. Also the root process will give you freedom for installing any 3rd party application which is not found on Android Market. After you will do the root process on your Samsung Exhibit || 4G, you will also be able to delete or modify any component of your Samsung Exhibit || 4G Android. Thus, you will even have the chance to modify some parameters of the hardware in your phone. Therefore we consider that the root will just free your phone.

Your Samsung Exhibit || 4G works very fine now. It quickly loads any application or menu. But after a while you will be experiencing some delays in its functionality. This happens because any of Android users are loading their smartphones with lots of applications and other staff. Therefore, Android will behave like mots other OS’s. It will start to become slow and annoy you with the big loading times. The solution in order to solve this is to root your Samsung Exhibit || 4G.

Another problem with Android OS is the fact that sometimes it stops working. I know it is a very stable system, but this is the truth: blocks are familiar in Android Phones. And this happens also when your Samsung Exhibit || 4G is full of applications. The solution is the same: root it!

I must highlight again the advantages that a root on your Samsung Exhibit || 4G will provide: you will be able to modify everything you desire in your Samsung Exhibit || 4G. You will also have the chance to delete any annoying application or widget that came in your device, by default. Some parameters of the OS can be changed together with some of the hardware installed in your Samsung Exhibit || 4G. The Samsung Exhibit || 4G’s CPU could be overclocked, too, after you root it.

how to root samsung exhibit || 4g

how to root samsung exhibit || 4g

Of course you will find also small but important advantages after you will root your Samsung Exhibit || 4G. You will be provided with the possibility of installing a virtual keyboard with larger keys. You will say that the screen of your Samsung Exhibit || 4G is large enough, but maybe you have observed that when you are in a hurry, your fingers might hit some undesired keys, when writing a text message.

 How to root Samsung Exhibit || 4G?

You don’t have to be a specialist in order to root your Samsung Exhibit || 4G. But you must be careful, however. A wrong movement in this process of rooting your smartphone might damage it seriously. I highly recommend you to study what are the risks that can appear while you in the middle of the root process. Also, please read the entire article until its end before starting this root procedure.

1. You have to download this application

2. The downloaded file should be saved on the external memory of your Samsung Exhibit || 4G (microSD card);

3. Go to the Settings menu of your Samsung Exhibit || 4G, and tap the Applications section. Check “Unknown Sources” in this menu.

4. Return to the location where you saved the file which you have downloaded at the first step. Run UniversalAndroot.apk .

After this process has finished you will have your root done on your Samsung Exhibit || 4G.

As already mentioned, the root process on your Samsung Exhibit || 4G could damage it permanently if it is not done correctly. Therefore, I advise you once again , to be very careful when doing this procedure.

Before you start make sure that your Samsung Exhibit || 4G has a fully charged battery, and has been restarted before starting the root process on it. I advise you to do that in order to be sure that your phone will not shut down or restart during this procedure.

If any problem still occurs during the root process then enter the phone in factory settings recovery mode. Do not start the root process until it finishes this recovery.

Also, you must be very careful and responsible of the way you will be benefiting of the possibilities that the root on your Samsung Exhibit || 4G provides. Study very very carefully what the risks are when installing/ uninstalling or modifying anything in your Samsung Exhibit || 4G.

I highly advise you to consider searching on this forum all information related to root on your Samsung Exhibit || 4G and also anything related to the risks provided by modifying, installing or uninstalling something in your phone, which without a root would not have been possible.

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  1. How do you save the download app ‘universal androot 1.6.2 beta 5’ to your SD card. The link goes to the Samsung Exhibit II downloads and is ready for install. When installed I go to manage apps but unable to move to SD card.

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