How to make Internet Explorer 10 your default browser in Windows 8

One of the main features of Windows 8 is Internet Explorer 10, which now comes bundled with the operating system in two forms: a Metro version and the classic desktop version. The novelty here is obviously the one designed to be used on tablets and touch enabled devices.

Microsoft says that with the new concept of the OS, the classic version was too much. As such, they decided to create a version which should be comfortable and easy to use on a tablet. As the purpose of this article is not to discuss the differences between them, I’ll get strait to the point.

One of the biggest issues of installing more than one browser on a computer running Windows 8 or any other version for that matter, is the fact that each software most likely will replace the previous one from being the default browser to be used.

If you’d like to know how to make Internet Explorer 10 your default browser in Windows 8, here are the steps that you should follow.

If you’re on a tablet or touch enabled device, you should swipe in from the right edge to bring up the Charms bar. On non-touch hardware, this can be done by simply moving your mouse towards the upper right corner of the screen and then slightly down. Either way, you should then click on the Search icon.

default programs

Now you should type in Default programs and once it is displayed, tap or click on it, depending on your device.

In the new window, you should click or tap on the option called Set your default programs.

Now go through the list of programs and then select Internet Explorer 10.

Clicking or tapping on Set this program as default and then on OK, will make your selection to be used as the default browser in Windows 8.

set as default program

You have now successfully restored IE 10 as default now but you’re not done yet. You will now have to bring back the IE tile in the Start Screen.

For this task you will first have to open the Start Screen and bring up the charms bar. Now type in the box Internet Explorer and then click on Apps.

Search results will be displayed instantly and now you should right click or swipe down on its icon. A menu will pop-up at the bottom of the screen where you can select the option called Pin to Start.

What about pinning the IE 10 icon to the taskbar or on the Windows 8 desktop? Well, this can be achieved in a similar manner, except that you should select the Pin to taskbar option from the bottom menu.

IE 10 metro

If you’re not sure what browser you have currently set as the default browser you can use a cool trick to find out. Open the start screen and then tap on the search button from the Charms bar.

Type in the box Internet Explorer 10 and then click or tap on it. If IE opens in the desktop mode, this means that you have a different browser set as default. If you do have it, then it should run using the Metro interface.

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