Log On To Windows 8 Desktop & Skip Metro Start Screen [How To]

With the new Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft changed also the way you used to log on to Windows. Once you boot up the computer and Windows 8 loads, the first thing that you will see post the password screen is the brand new Metro Start Screen. In previous versions of the operating system, as soon as the log-on credentials are verified the Windows desktop will appear on the screen.

While the Metro Start Screen feature might seem interesting initially, I can guarantee you that you will find ways to get rid of it after a couple of weeks. This is why I considered that a guide on how to log on to Windows 8 and skip the metro start screen would really come in handy once you reach that point.

So far there hasn’t been any official method from Microsoft that we are aware of, showing you how to log on to Windows 8 desktop and skip the Metro Start Screen so here are the main steps that you should follow.

Log On To Windows 8 Desktop & Skip Metro Start Screen [How To]Create a shortcut that will send you to the desktop no matter what program you have open or where you are in Windows 8. You can create the shortcut with Notepad; open the program and type in the following commands:


Once you are done with the commands, save the Notepad document using .scf file format and name it Windows 8 desktop. To test if the shortcut works, open a couple of programs and windows and then double click on the shortcut. You should now be able to see the Windows 8 desktop.

You are now halfway through the log on to Windows 8 desktop and skip the Metro Start Screen guide. You must now open the Task Scheduler in Windows 8 and Create a New Task. When prompted, enter a name for the task like Windows 8 desktop or anything you want.

Next you should click on the New button and from the options menu go to the Triggers tab. Here you must select the ‘At Log On’ option.

Once you are done, go to the Actions Tab and then click again on New, to browse for the desktop shortcut you’ve previously created and add the link to the Windows 8 task scheduler. Click on the Browse button to open the file explorer, select the shortcut and then click again on the OK button.

Your last step is to open the Conditions tab in Task Scheduler and then deselect the option called ‘Start the task only if the computer is on AC power’ and then click on OK. If you leave this option enabled and you use a laptop instead of a desktop PC, the trick will not work if it’s unplugged.

This is what you have to do in order to log on to Windows and skip the Metro Start Screen each time you boot up your computer.

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