How To Create Windows 8 Recovery Image

Most of the Windows platform users are using a recovery image for this operating system, because of the numerous experiments and installations which are being done on their computers. furthermore, those which have installed Windows 8 Developer Preview (or, simply, a Windows 8 Beta version) need a recovery image because the purpose of this installation is clearly for testing.

Therefore Windows 8  comes with two important options allowing its users to re-install the OS: Refresh Your PC and Reset Your PC. Let’s see what both of them are good for:

Windows 8 Refresh Your PC option will do a so called clean installation of your OS. Therefore, the process will take care of formatting your hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows 8. This is option is very indicated to use if you want your computer to benefit of full performances provided by a fresh OS. But be warned: this process will also permanently remove all your applications which you have previously installed in Windows 8 and will also delete all your data which is saved on your hard drive (or, at least, on the partition in which your OS has been installed).

Because of the major drawbacks we have described in the above mentioned paragraph and with which the Refresh Your PC brings, most users prefer to use the second option which Windows 8 is providing, when it comes to re-install the OS: Reset Your PC. With this option your Windows will be re-installed without deleting your data, your settings and your applications. However, you should the only the applications from the metro interface will be kept. This last case seems to be very familiar between the windows users because of the ease which it provides when it comes to re-installing Windows 8 together with all its settings, apps and personal data, too.



Therefore, you will find an application provided together with Windows 8 Developer Preview which will provide you with a new option when it comes to re-installing your operating system. And I personally consider this last one being the best you could choose. Through the recimage.exe service you will be able to create a Windows 8 recovery image. After installing Windows 8 Developer Preview and creating this image you will be able to easily restore all your data, applications, programs and settings through the second option, Refresh Your PC, which I have described in the above mentioned paragraph.

How To Create Windows 8 Recovery Image

First of all you need to end the fresh Windows 8 installation. Then, I think that all of us will proceed with installing their favorite applications in the Metro Interface, doing the necessary settings and tweaks and saving the personal data. That’s perfect because after you will end all of these processes, you will have the possibility to create the recovery image for Windows 8. The next time you will refresh your PC, you will have all your applications already installed, all your settings being kept together with all your data, too, thanks to the Windows 8 Recovery Image feature.

1. Open the Command prompt Windows 8 feature. This has to be done using the administrator rights.

2. Insert the following command: mkdir C:\RefreshImage. Then press the Enter button on your keyboard. This step of the process will make a folder on your hard drive in which the Windows 8 Recovery Image will be stored.

3. Insert another command: recimg -CreateImage C:\RefreshImage . This is the step in the process which ensures the creation of the recovery image. Obviously, this will be used by the Refresh Your PC option in order to re-install Windows 8 Developer Preview together with all your settings, metro applications, personal data etc.



This has been the entire tutorial on how to create the Windows 8 Recovery Image. The step 3 of this process might take a while in order to finish, depending on the processing power of your computer. The next time you will decide to re-install Windows 8, make sure you use “Refresh Your PC” function, benefiting from the advantages provided by the Windows 8 recovery image, which you have already created.

2 thoughts on “How To Create Windows 8 Recovery Image”

  1. A new feature is available in the pre-release Windows 8, Refresh your PC that Windows can charge without losing personal data (photos, music, videos, documents and other personal files).
    The custom settings of the user are retained, but the system parameters are given default and applications are deleted. The applications Metro natives are kept.
    This option Refresh your PC can be used if the system malfunctions and if the Restore to an earlier date does not solve the problem. It will create a Windows 8 Recovery Image
    In the interface Metro , click Control Panel , click General

  2. I think you explained it the other way round.
    • Reset your PC – Remove all personal data, apps, and settings from the PC, and reinstall Windows.
    • Refresh your PC – Keep all personal data, Metro style apps, and important settings from the PC, and reinstall Windows.

    The caption of PC Setting and the second caption on Refresh Your PC is also written like what I said.

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