GoogleMail is also known as Gmail. This is a free email service which offers a pretty large saving space, anti-spam protection and easy access from a mobile device, to your own messages.

In order to benefit of these advantages you have to create a personal account on GoogleMail.

The creation of this account is very simple. All the details which are necessary in order to create this need to be introduced in just one page. Therefore, in this article you will be provided with all the steps that you need to follow in order to have your account created in just a few minutes.



How To Create An Account on GoogleMail

Step 1: Open the official GoogleMail page, where you can register a new account. for those which don’t know which is that page, follow this address. Now click on the create account button.

Step 2: If you are not used with the English Language, you can setup the GoogleMail interface to be displayed in your own language. Therefore, you need to click on the “Change Language” button which is placed in the upper right corner of the page. From that drop-down menu, you should select the language you want.

In this page you will have to insert some personal information in order for your account to be created. Therefore, complete the fields with your name, surname, username, choose a password, retype the password, set a safety question and answer, too, and provide an other e-mail address which will be used in order to recover tour GoogleMail account in case something goes wrong.

Note that you have to scroll down in order to see all the fileds you have to complete: (location, word checking terms and conditions check).

Step 3: In the page where you can create a new GoogleMail account the first section asks you to provide some personal data. In the name and surname fields you need to insert your own name and surname. You should know that this data will be seen by the persons which you will send your messages. The next thing you need to do is to pick a username for this account. This will be also the username for your e-mail address. It will also be seen by the persons which you send e-mail messages. On Google Talk, this username will also be displayed. In order to create a new username, you just have to insert it in the “username” field and click on the “check availability” button to see if it is free for use. If the username you have chosen is not available, being used by someone else, you need to input another name.

Step 4: The next thing you have to do is to pick a password for your account on GoogleMail. Therefore, in the “Choose a password” field you have to input a key combination, which should contain a minimum of eight characters. The password strength, which is placed right next to the password field, indicates how strong is the password you have chosen. Always try to set the strongest password. In order to avoid having a wrong password, the interface contains also a field in which you have to re-input the password. Check the “Remember me” and “Activate Web History” boxes and proceed to the next step of this tutorial.

Step  5: It might happen for you to forget the password of this account. Therefore, you need to select a safety question and also an answer for it. That’s because, when trying to recover your GoogleMail account password, the interface of this service will put this question and you will have to provide the answer which you are setting right now. Alternatively, you input another e-mail address, on which, in the future, the password of this account will be sent there, in case you loose it.

Step 6: The next thing you have to do is to insert the security code in its field. The security code can be found in the image displayed by this interface. Its role is to prevent automaitcally creation of accounts.

Step 7: In the end GoogleMail is conditioning the creation of your email account to your acceptance of the terms and conditions. More details can be found in the following documents: “Terms and Conditions”, “Product Policy”, “Confidentiality Policy”. IF you agree with these terms click on the “Accept. Create my account” button.

Step 8: You will now receive a new message from GoogleMail, which contains congratulations and provides a short informative text regarding the features of your account. In order to continue, you need to click on the “I want to see my new account” button.

Step 9: At the end of this process you will have access to the messages in your new email address. The interface can be customized in order to arrange the messages by the “Conversations” criteria, so you could easily access all the needed emails, which are grouped depending on the subject.

When using GoogleMail you can send and receive messages, as easy as using any other different free email account (like Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL etc.). This account will also provide you with access to different other Google services like: Google Talk, Picasa Web Albums, Google Calendar, Google Latitude etc. Furthemore, using your GoogleMail account you can also connect to Google+ social network.

GoogleMail Is The Best Email Service. Ten Reasons For This Idea

Even if, according to statistics Yahoo! Mail remains the most used email service around the world, GoogleMail provides the best functionality on the market. There is no doubt here. The big number of Yahoo! Mail users is not necessarily a performance indicator. Even Internet Explorer is the market leader when it comes to the number of users of the most popular browsers in the world, but we all know that it is not, by far, the best browser on the market.



GoogleMail provides some very useful features. some of them are unique, while others could be found in its competitors interface, too. However some of the latter features may cost you some money if you choose the other services, while this one is providing them for free. From all the features that GoogleMail  has to offer, we picked 10  of its best, in order to review them:

1. Offline Support

GoogleMail , like some other Google services, is using a tool, called Google Gears, in order to work, even when you are not online. Of course, in this situation you will not be able to send and receive messages. But you will still be able to create new messages, click on the “Send” button and the service will take care of sending them when you will be online again.

the offline support for GoogleMail is pretty advanced. It is not just limited to reading old messages, when an internet connection is not available, but it also provides the access to the attachments of this messages. That’s because the service is copying locally (in your machine) some recent messages, together with their attachments. Therefore, these are becoming available offline, too.

2. Undo Send

This is what I call an original feature. That’s because you will not find this feature somewhere else. As its name suggests, Undo Send feature will allow you to stop the sending of a message which you have just sent it.

The key of this feature is you, the user. That’s because you need to realize immediately that you have done a mistake. It works in the first ten seconds after you have pressed the “Send” button. After passing those ten seconds this feature cannot be used anymore. GoogleMail  is delaying the sending process of your messages with ten seconds in order for you to stop this process if you have changed your mind in which regards the necessity of this email.

3. Keyboard shortcuts

The power users always prefer their keyboard. Using it instead of your mouse allows you to accomplish with a greater efficiency some operations, allowing, in the same time, some time savings. GoogleMail started providing a while ago some key combinations for accomplishing different tasks. In fact, most of the functions of this service have their own hotkeys.

For example, in order to select a message you need to press the X key and if you want to delete it, you just have to use the T key (from Trash). The best part of this feature comes from the fact that you don’t have to memorize them. However, by using them frequently, you will start o recall them easily. If you click on the question mark (?), GoogleMail  will display the complete list of the key combinations and their correspondent tasks.

4. Multiple Accounts

If you own other mail accounts which offer support for POP3 and SMTP, you could use GoogleMail  as an email client. Therefore, it will be able to receive and send email messages on behalf of your other accounts. For example, you could use several GoogleMail accounts (or other mail services which offers PO3 support) in just one single account. In order to configure this facility, you need to know the address and the port of the servers which are being used by that particular account.

5. POP3 and IMAP

Another quality thing which is being offered by this service is the POP3 and IMAP support. These protocols will allow you to receive and send messages, using an email client like Outlook. The great thing about GoogleMail is that it provides this feature for free. For example, Yahoo! will offer the same thing for which you will have to pay.

6. Attachments in GoogleMail 

This service will allow you to send and receive attachments which have a maximum size of 25 MB. That’s pretty much when compared with the 10 MB which is the maximum amount set by Yahoo! Mail.

However, this is not the main feature which this service is providing, when it comes to attachments. The main novelty comes from the arrangement mode of these attachments. The service is automatically pre-loading them. Immediately after you attach the files, its loading begins and they are sent to the server. Therefore, when you click on the send button, there are big chances that the email to be sent instantly to the receiver, as there is no need to wait for the attachments to be loaded. As far as I know this is the only service which provides this smart feature.

7. Labels And Filters

Instead of using classic folders, GoogleMail is arranges the messages according to their labels. This system is offering more flexibility. For example, a message could have several labels. When combined with an automated filtering process, the messages arrangement can become very logical. You could also create a filter which corresponds to some criteria and which could also automatically assign a label to a group of messages.

Again, this service is overcoming its competitors. On the opposite to the situation with Yahoo!, where you can only create a limited number of filters, here you will be able to set as much filters as you need.

8. Tasks

The Tasks feature could be extremely useful if it is used in a smart manner. You could write down some information related to a message or you could create different notes which will help you when replying to a specific message. Furthermore, the Tasks in GoogleMail are being synchronized with Google Calendar.

9. Multimedia Preview

This service proves to be very useful when it comes to links which are received though an email. We are talking here about the links to YouTube or Flickr. If you receive, for example, a link to a video on YouTube, GoogleMail will display it directly in the body of your message. You don’t need to click anymore on that link in order to view it on YouTube.

10. Themes

Finally, the themes have a very important role, no matter what application we are talking about. And that’s true even for the online ones. GoogleMail provides you with some tens of themes, in case you are bored with the standard interface. If none of the themes with which you are provided looks good for your tastes, then you can create a custom one.



At this time, I consider that this service is placed very much ahead of its competitors. Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail are not offering the functionality that this services provides you with. However, GoogleMail has not yet exceeded the number of users fo Yahoo! Mail.

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