Free Christmas Carols: Download or Listen Online

The Christmas Carols are creating a very nice atmosphere in this winter period, due to its specific nature of this music genre. Nowadays we have a lot of sources on which we can count for listening free online Christmas carols, or, why not downloading them for free in MP3 format.

You should know that the sources (websites) we will present below are completely legal. This is the reason for which you should not worry for any copyright breaks, while enjoying your favorite Christmas carols.

Best internet websites from which you can listen to online Christmas carols or download them as mp3 tracks



Sites from which You Can Download free Christmas Carols:

  • FreeLikeChristmas: This website will offer you a few hundreds of Christmas carols, which you will be able for free download each of them in MP3 format. They are being splitted in four categories: Traditional Vocal (classics carols, with voice), Traditional Instrumentals  (classic carols without voice, just with instruments), Contemporary Vocal (modern carols, with voice), Contemporary Instrumental (modern carols without voice, just with instruments);
  • SongOfPraise: This website is pretty much similar with the one presented in the above mentioned paragraph. But you won’t enjoy a too modern design. However, I consider that this would not be a problem when it comes to download free Christmas Carols. The big problem here is that the number of carols is really reduced;
  • AMClassical: This website offers just 18 Christmas carols, but I consider that this a selection of the most important ones, which are enjoyed by everybody in this Winter Holidays period. This is the ideal place for quickly finding the most wanted Christmas songs;
  • MFiles is pretty much similar with AMClassical because it offers a short selection of the best Christmas carols, which are available for free download in MP3 format;
  • Free-Loopes provides 34 Christmas carols in which you will hear the specific sounds for winter and X-Mas: snow, bells, woods bieng burned in a fireplace, Santa Clause arriving and many others;
  • Amazon: an other option is the Amazon website which provides for free download a collection of 32 Christmas carols. You could also listen them online. The MP3 download requires an account on Amazon, but the downloading process will be very quick.
Unfortunately, I did not find too many websites from which you could download for free Christmas Carols, in different other languages than English.

Listen to Online Free Christmas Carols

  • Shoutcast is the popular radio stations aggregator, owned by Nullsoft (the Winamp creator). This website will provide you with the possibility of listening to radio stations which are dedicated to Christmas. The list is very impressive and contains over one thousand of radio stations for Christmas, so it’s almost impossible not to find the carols that you love the most;
  • ChristmasRadio:  As its name suggests, this website will offer you a few hundreds of radio stations, which are playing online Christmas carols. The main advantage of this site is the fact that it will provide you with no less than six Christmas radio stations, depending the type of carols you want to listen online. You will find even a radio station which plays online Rock Christmas carols;
  • AccuRadio: This site will provide you with a few tens of Christmas carols radio stations, from where you will be able to listen online.


In order to conclude here, if you don;t own any Christmas carols CD’s or MP3 tracks, there is no need to worry. The internet will provide you, with just a few clicks, a very impressive collection of sites from which you can listen to online Christmas carols, or you could download them for free, in MP3 format. You just have to pick the website which brings you the most satisfying results in regards to Christmas carols.

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  1. Hi there. I run a small charity christmas radio station and wondered if you would tell me where you got the picture of the lady listening with headphones on your homepage or allow me to use it please? Thank you

    1. Hello Duncan,

      We found the image on Google search so we do not hold the rights for it. As long as you do not intend to use it for commercial purposes generating revenue, I think that it will be OK.


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