Download UMPlayer (Universal Media Player) Free

We’re sure you have a player for every type of file you need to play, or at least one for video (besides YouTube) and one for audio files, and that sometimes you end up playing the audio files with you’re video player because you forgot to set up the default program or something has really gone wrong with your PC… we know the story.

UMPlayer (Universal Media Player), and the name says it for its self, has set the goal to help you with these kind of issues by being an universal solution.

UMPlayer comes with a multitude of codecs which will enable you to play music files and CDs as well as any video format including DVDs and SHOUTcasts, live radios and, if you own a TV tuner, TV. And besides all these, yes, you’re right, it plays YouTube videos, with a special integrated YouTube player/recorder capability and a custom search field.

If you already use VLC, GomPlayer or another free media player, we recommend you take a look at UMPlayer because it’s up for the fight against any of these old-timers. You can customize the interface with multiple skins, use hot keys or sync your subtitles.

The interface is simple and user friendly, similar to any well built media player, not revolutionary but different enough to stand out it in the crowd.

Download UMPlayer Free

Download UMPlayer Free

It is also updated on a regular bases, as in the case of any respectable open-source project.

Download UMPlayer free

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