Download Minecraft 1.0 Free

Minecraft 1.0 (free download) is a game-like sandbox very successful, that blends creativity and survival. You can freely create structures in which the character moving.

The game board is randomly generated Minecraft 1.0 (free download). The character is on a chaotic earth in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by mountains, valleys, trees and other animals. The goal is more pressing as and when the sun goes down. Monsters appear and try to eat you. It soon becomes impossible to survive in the open air. To place your first night away in Minecraft 1.0 (free download), you will dig or build a shelter .

Collect wood in Minecraft 1.0 (free download), coal and stones: the Inventory menu allows you to build anything that goes through your head: wooden boards, tools, etc.. Once you have unlocked the secrets of the gameplay of the dense simulation with the Koh-Lanta , you’ll be able to create really interesting developments.

Download Minecraft 1.0 Free

Download Minecraft 1.0 Free

Generator worlds default Minecraft 1.0 (free download) offers a wide variety of scenery (desert, snow-capped mountains, high plateaus, etc.). A new world was also added to Minecraft 1.0 (free download). Its name: The Slip . The environment is much thought of hell. Many monsters are everywhere, all coated in lava. To get there, you have to build a portal made ​​of obsidian rocks.

The soundscape of Minecraft 1.0 (free download) is not the most worked and if you are allergic to blocks of pixels, it’s not a game for you. However, if you’ve always wanted to play Robinson Crusoe in a virtual environment you love exploring, Minecraft 1.0 (free download) can certainly meet your expectations. A very active user community is here to support you and the multiplayer even more open field of possibilities.

Minecraft 1.0 (free download) is a game scenario infinite incredibly innovative. His qualifier sandbox is well deserved because the unique obstacles in the simulation are time and your imagination.

Minecraft 1.0 (free download) Pros

–          Gigantic worlds

–          Freedom of movement

–          Highly innovative

Minecraft 1.0 (free download) Cons

–          Small display problems

–          Very pixilated graphics

Download Minecraft 1.0 Free

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