Cheapest Android Tablets

As in many other electronics areas, Android tablets’ market is flooded by the cheapest models.

Some of them are produced by popular brands but there are some cheap Android Tablets which may be manufactured by companies that most of us have not heard of, until the recent months. The cheapest Android tablets are very attractive and they are being sold very good because well known manufacturers tend to come on the market with some expensive models.

A lot of persons are considering that the most known tablets have too overrated prices and, in some cases, they need to pay more for the brand itself and less for the product’s capabilities. And, sometime I agree with this idea, but not in all cases. The cheapest Android tablets may come with the cheapest materials, cheapest finishing and the cheapest hardware, also.

Cheapest Android Tablets Characteristics:

Design and Assembly.

The design of the cheapest Android tablets cannot be too bad. They look relatively simple and, often, their design is copied from a popular rand. But when it comes to assembly, some of the cheapest Android tablets are becoming a problem. This kind of tablets are made of cheap plastic materials, which will deteriorate fast, especially when you are careless like me, and drop them often.And because the producer wants to reduce the production time, the finishing is sometimes really bad.

Display Type

A few of the common tablets users can spot the difference between the two main touchscreen technologies which are available right now on the market: resistive and capacitive. The cheapest Android tablets on the market are using the resistive displays, because the production costs are lowered this way. But hose kind of displays are reacting slowly to finger taps, being fitted for using in combination with a stylus. On the contrary, the tablets made by the biggest manufacturers are betting on capacitive displays because they have a much faster reponse on taps, even if this kind of screen is considered to be more fragile.

The Hardware on Cheapest Android Tablets

Modern tablets are usig an Nvidia Tegra 2 platform which features a dual core 1 GHz processor.The cheapest Android tablets are using a maximum of 1 GHz processor. Most of them are using an ARM processor with a maximum of 800 MHz but you could find some of the cheapest Android tablets to come with an 1 GHz processor, too. The internal storage memory is often reduced. There are some cases when the cheapest Android tablets are coming with a maximum of 4 GB of internal storage. Most of the cheapest Android tablets manufacturers are confident that their clients will use microSD memory cards and, therefore, most of these tablets are equipped with a card slot.

The Software

Mainly, the only OS available on the cheapest tablets is Android. Google has developed a version of Android which is adapted to the tablets requirements. It is called Android 3.0 Honeycomb. A later version of Android Honeycomb has been released, too: 3.1. But in the case of the cheapest tablets you shouldn’t be surprised to find Android 1.5 or 1.6 on them. There could be some of the cheapest tablets to use Android 2.1 Eclair or 2.2 Froyo. Whatever version of Android those tablets are using, you have to remember that, except Android Honeycomb, no one is created especially for them.

No Access to Android Market

Most of the cheapest Android tablets manufacturers are not offering access to the Android Market application. Instead of this, they are providing access to their own store which contains just some few applications. This is not OK, especially because that even in Android Market you won’t find all that you will need for your tablet. Now try to imagine what you can find in a manufacturer application store.

Multimedia Content

Most of the cheapest Android tablets manufacturers are mentioning that their products are able to play HD movies. In fact, sometimes the promises cannot be kept. Don’t be surprised if you will not be able to play HD movies on YouTube. Also, take a good look at the screen’s resolution: 800×480 will never be compatible with 16:9 format. This means that you will be watching the movie on a smaller surface.

We are going to show some of the best deals that we could find in this moment on Amazon. But, still, don’t forget what we have wrote in the above mentioned paragraphs. For example, we could not find one Android Honeycomb running tablet under the price of $300.

Le Pan TC 970

cheapest android tablets

cheapest android tablets

This is one of the cheapest Android Tablets to come with a huge screen for this class. In fact, it uses a 9.7 inches TFT LCD display with a resolution of 1024 x 768. Therefore it is able to play 720p movies. It also carries a 512 MB RAM Memory and a 1 GHz processor. The OS is Android 2.2. Other features which are worth to be mentioned: WiFi, bluetooth, 2 Megapixels front camera, GPS and card slot. All of these are available at a price of $249.99 which we consider pretty fair for what it has to offer in this class.

Herotab C8

cheapest android tablets

cheapest android tablets

Everywhere is displayed the fact that this cheap tablet is featuring 1 GHz processor (Cortex A8) which is based on a Samsung model. That’s not a bad thing and the not very well known producer is trying to earn confidence while displaying the Samsung brand. The display is smaller, as it has a 7 inches diagonal. Also the resolution is smaller: 800 x 480. As we told you in the a/m paragraphs, watching HD movies on this tablet will be done a smaller surface than this kind of movies would require. Too bad, because this tablet is able to support to play 1080p movies. And the screen is a capacitive touch type, too, which means that it has better display characteristics. The rest of configuration can be called classic: 512 MB RAM memory, 4 GB internal storage with card slot which would support a maximum of 32 GB amount of memory, WiFi etc. Th OS is again an Android 2.2, but it can be upgraded to Android 2.3. Herotab C8 is one of the cheapest tablets which grants access to Android Market.

Superpad 8 inch Android 2.3

cheapest android tablets

cheapest android tablets

From the beginning we must say that we haven’t heard anything about this kind of tablet until now. From Amazon we found out that it is running on Android 2.3, it has an ARM Cortex A8 processor, which is described to be based on a Samsung 1.2 GHz processor. As the other cheapest tablets, this one has 512 MB RAM memory and 4 GB internal storage. The card slot can take up to 32 GB storage on an SD memory. The tablet comes with WiFI, 3G support, 2 megapixels HD (1080p) camera, mini-HDMI port, an 8 inch 800 x 600 (this resolution is new to us, too…) resistive touchscreen and a 2600 mAh battery. Its price is $235.99, which wouldn’t be a ad price, if you dare to pay it…

Nextbook Next3

cheapest android tablets

cheapest android tablets

This really is one of the cheapest Android tablets. It costs only $159.95. And it has something to offer: 8.4 inch touch screen, 512 MB RAM memory , WiFi and an Android system. I don’t know exactly which Android because, on the description page it is not mentioned. But I did see some of the disadvantages of this cheap tablet, coming from its review page on Amazon: Android Market cannot be installed, the battery life is very small, YouTube application doesn’t work, Facebook does work but only if you manually download and install its .APK, the resistive screen is awful etc.

Dell Streak 5

cheapest android tablets

cheapest android tablets

This is not one of the cheapest Android Tablets. But, in my opinion it is the best cheapest Android tablet you can get on the market, right now. It comes with 1 GHz Snapdragon processor which it is popular for offering enough performance without quick draining the battery, 5 Megapixels camera on the back and 1,3 on the front, 3G and WiFi, 2 GB internal memory with card slot, Android 2.2 OS (which provides access to Android Market) and a small but high quality 5 inches screen. IT doesn’t offer much, and the price is now so low: $389. You could buy two Nextbook Next 3 in this money and you would still save some. But this Dell tablet comes with high quality materials, in a complete package (it even has some headphones) and with some very honest product descriptions. This is how a the cheapest Android tablet should look like.

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