BlackBerry and Porsche Design create phone

Quite soon after the recent RIM servers down issue, the company will probably surprise the general public with an interesting announcement: BlackBerry and Porsche Design will create a phone. site appears to have benefited from a leak on a new Blackberry model specially designed for Porsche, perhaps even by the acronym German automotive firm. In normal times, and knowing the culture of secrecy at RIM, the news of a leak would not be taken seriously.

However, due to (among other reasons) the offensive of Samsung Galaxy II and the many rumors about the release of an iPhone 5, the release of a new form factor at Blackberry would be more than welcome. This is where the BlackBerry and Porsche Design phone comes in.

blackberry porsche design create phone

blackberry porsche design create phone

It would be a sign of rejuvenation of the image from the manufacturer best known for its smartphones black and a little sad for his attempts to color variation. While the effectiveness of the real “beast mails” that is Bberry is known and recognized, it lacks perhaps a touch unglamorous face competition that communicates much about the features of the design.

Also, the degree of credibility of such a rumor is far from zero and we have seen manufacturers use a leak, or allow it to spread, to test its impact.

Blackberry 9900 prototype 9980, BlackBerry Knight, Blackberry or Blackberry R47 Porsche Proceeding?

The future name of the terminal that has leaked over the weekend on the MAXPDA network remains a mystery. Would it be a true new model, a single clone or a prototype? The fact is that the design of the new BlackBerry phone does look radically different from what the current RIM line-up is now! The Blackberry that runs on OS7 embarks some particularly sensitive keys, a Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity and the most likely the NFC technology.

blackberry and porsche design create phone

blackberry and porsche design create phone

This is a new smartphone decidedly different than BlackBerry offers usually. Particularly through its design straight out of the studios of Porsche Design, which give it a more aggressive look than for most of its predecessors.

Indeed, the shapes of the BlackBerry R47 Porsche Proceeding are square . This smartphone is also distinguished by the thinner lines and sleek while the physical keyboard is still present. Overall, the BlackBerry and Porsche Design Phone looks to be very stylish.

On the technical side, the BlackBerry operating system integrates its BlackBerry OS 7 and the wifi and 3G. It also appears that this new BlackBerry smartphone features of an NFC chip for contactless payment.

porsche design and blackberry create phone

porsche design and blackberry create phone

Porsche Design at its best.

The car brand definitely leaves no one indifferent, whether by its products or its pricing policy. Indeed we all know that Porsche has claimed right from the beginning a high-end positioning, which so far worked like a charm. But in the most recent years, derivatives have emerged, of course, they want more accessible than their big sisters, the sports cars. This time, we are offered a BlackBerry and Porsche Design phone that has a design break from the legacy models.

For now, no other information has leaked regarding the price or the release date of BlackBerry R47 Porsche Proceeding.

Touch screen or not, one thing is certain, the BlackBerry Knight, since that seems to be the code name, will have the same internal architecture as the last BlackBerry BOLD 9900. According to an English site, this smartphone will be reserved only for Porsche customers, but hopefully it will be available to others in the near future.



Just below you can find the hands on video of the BlackBerry and Porsche Design phone, from the same MAXPDA network.

BlackBerry’s newest operating system – OS 7.

What to expect from BlackBerry OS 7? BlackBerry OS 6 has already brought its share of innovations, with a significantly redesigned interface. With the seventh version of its OS, RIM promises improved performance, mainly in three areas.

– The Browser : BlackBerry OS 7 offers greater speed in loading web pages, with a much improved browser, and support elements in HTML5, including the videos. Liquid Graphics technology optimizes the flow of navigation, pinch to zoom or scroll, all thanks to a high performance graphics processor and a faster CPU than before.

– The voice search : Already built into the operating system BlackBerry OS 6, the voice search takes off with BlackBerry OS 7. It is now a universal search tool in the mobile, to find a contact, an email, a music title, or search the Internet.

– Augmented reality : The BlackBerry smartphones running OS 7 is now compatible with applications making use of augmented reality, as Wikitude World Browser.

Note that in addition to the traditional applications dedicated to communication (email, new BlackBerry Messenger, social networks), the terminals with BlackBerry OS 7 come with preloaded applications, including the premium version of Documents To Go , which includes a native PDF reader, but also BlackBerry Protect (backup in a cloud) and BlackBerry Balance (to use the mobile professional and personal).

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