Apple iPad should continue to dominate the market until 2015, at least

The Apple iPad should continue to dominate sales of tablets in the world, despite a decline in market share, at least until 2015.

This is told by “The Future Market Shelves” study which Gartner has released today. The tablets’ market is expected to sell 63.3 million tablets in the world, in 2011, an impressive increase of 261% compared to 2010.


Apple iPad

Apple iPad

However, the tablets ‘  market remains emerge, Gartner stating that this figure should reach 326 million by 2015. Even with its 73% marge on the tablets market in 2011 (against 83% in 2010, 14.6 million units) Apple iPad has a dominant position that cannot be challenged. In 2015, Gartner predicts that the Apple iPad will be sold in 148 million copies, which will still be 45.5% of the entire market. At the same time, all the tablets running Android should be around 35.5% market share. Other operating systems should then collect the crumbs, starting with Microsoft (10%) and QNX (RIM system, 8%). Apple iPad 3 should not be introduced before 2012.

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