Apple adds tougher protection in iOS 6.1, says popular jailbreaker

If you intend to purchase an iOS device this holiday season and expect to be able to fiddle with it, there’s something you should be aware of. Apple’s hardware currently available in the stores most likely comes with iOS 6.0.1 which can be jailbreaked by veteran hackers, but things are soon about to change for them as well with the upcoming update.

Rumors say that Apple is intensifying the fight to protect its software in the future version of iOS, numbered 6.1, which is the first major update for the platform.

A Twitter user from Cologne in Germany, who goes by the nickname of i0n1c, recently posted a tweet saying that Apple is changing the game for jailbreakers, as they have added even tougher protections than in iOS 6.0.1.

ios 6 jailbreak

Unfortunately, one cannot depict much out of this short message but it is a known fact that i0n1c is an experimented user from the jailbreak scene, so this should at least make him a credible source.

These rumors could turn out to be true if we take a moment and look back on what happened recently in Apple’s grounds. One of the company’s key players, Scott Forstall, in charge of the iOS platform was laid off not long ago. Words from employees within the company say that his replacement, Craig Ferenghi, could be one of the reasons in Apple’s new strategy.

Back when Apple introduced the current iOS 6.0.1, it caused quite a lot of trouble in the jailbreak scene as it came with an increased level of security. This meant that users were unable to find public JB guides, so they had to pay a fee to those capable of doing this, in order to have a hacked device.

Source: Cult of Mac.

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