Android T9 keyboard

Is it possible to have the old T9 keyboard on the new Android devices?

By default, when you type a text on an Android phone, a QWERTY keyboard appears. If you prefer, you can display a regular phone keypad. In this case, word recognition like T9 keyboard is active, when you write a text message on the keyboard.

Android T9 Keyboard

Android T9 Keyboard

Do this to enable T9 keyboard mode.

To turn the T9 mode, open the application, for example Post and then bring up the keyboard. Click the gear icon (bottom left), click on Keyboard types, then select the phone keypad. The T9 keyboard is immediately active.

On smartphones like Sony Ericsson Xperia, this icon does not appear. It is unfortunate that sometimes the keyboard encounters a Chinese bug. In this case, open the messages option, click in the blank area and keep your finger pressed down: the option input mode appears. By clicking on it you can choose the type of keyboard you want, T9 keyboard or the keyboard input by default in Android.

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