All eyes on Apple’s upcoming event and new CEO.


Steve Jobs

On October the 4th the new iPhone 5 might replace Apple’s iPhone 4

If our sources are correct, on October the 4th Apple will host an event where at least one subject will catch everyone’s attention. The newly appointed CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, will be presenting the annual Keynote of Apple.

Will Tim Cook come to the event with the highly anticipated handset, named iPhone 5? That is yet to be seen. Rumors say that Apple will unveil the new generation of iPhone somewhere in October and based on what happened at Apple’s previous Keynotes, this could very likely happen.

Apple’s new iPhone is expected to redefine the elegant design of iPhone 4 by adopting a tear-drop body look, along with other interesting features. The new iPhone will be unveiled at the event and could be available for sale in the US within the next few weeks post the announcement.

Prelaunch demand for the iPhone 5 reached unprecedented numbers. Sources say that more than two thirds of Apple’s existing user base expressed their intent of buying iPhone 5.

This is probably due to the fact that under the hood, iPhone 5 boosts some interesting features: a faster processor than the one on the iPhone 4 and a higher resolution camera on the back.

It will be very interesting to see which of Apple’s executives will join Tim Cook, main presenter and new CEO, to present the most recent updates in terms of strategy and product regarding the iPhone.

Will Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, be present in the crowd? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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