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Add Shutdown/ Restart Shortcuts On Windows 8 Desktop, Start Screen, Taskbar [How to]

We have already said this many times: Windows 8 is an evolution when compared to the previous operating systems which have been released by the Redmond based corporation. And we are talking here about all its new features, efficiency, stability, performance, new user interface etc. Speaking of interface, we have to say that, besides the fact it looks great, many functions are now more accessible. You don’t have to search in different “corners” for this system for them because they have already been aligned similarly to the ones which can be found on your smartphone/ tablet.

However, as described in other articles (” How to Boot Windows 8 in safe Mode”, click here for more details), there are some features in this new operating system which, apparently, have not been really well placed. Maybe that’s because the engineers from the Redmond house have designed this system having in mind the mobile devices instead of thinking that it will still be used in a very large scale on traditional machines, like laptops or desktops. But that’s not the main subject we are discussing today.

One of the most used commands in Windows is the one which triggers the shutting down/ restart process. As you all know, this command is missing from the W8 desktop, start menu and taskbar. The scope of this article is to teach you how to add this important shortcut to the previously mentioned “spaces”.

windows 8 shutdown/ restart options

The normal procedure which you need to follow in order to shut down, restart or log off a Windows 8 running machine looks like this: access the Charms bar, navigate to the Settings menu, click on the Power button. Then you will be able to see all the power options. As I mentioned earlier, the engineers from Microsoft have had in mind the fact that this OS will run on mobile devices. Otherwise, I cannot explain why such a complicated procedure has to be followed by a user which just needs to power off its laptop, for example.

Let’s see then how to create a shortcut for the Shutdown/ Restart commands on Desktop, Taskbar, Start Screen, in Windows 8.

1. Choose the place where you want this shortcut to be added;

2. On the selected item you have to right-click and select the “New” option. Then choose “Shortcut”;

3. In order to establish the target of this new shortcut, you have to input the following command line: “shutdown /s /t 0”. Instead of “s” you can use the “r” character for restart. Or input “h” for creating a shortcut which will put your computer into hibernation when double-clicking on it. However, please note that you have to create different shortcuts for each action.

4. Select “Next” and then enter the name you wish this new icon to display. I suggest using “Shutdown”. That is the name which will be displayed on the Desktop;

5. Now you have to place the new shutdown/ restart shortcut somewhere in Windows 8. In order to have this shortcut on your taskbar, you just have to right-click on it and pin it to the taskbar. If you want it to be displayed on the Start Screen, when right-clicking on it, you just have to select the “Pin to Start Screen” option.

tutorial for adding shortcuts to desktop, start screen, taskbar

This is the entire tutorial you need to follow in order to solve this awkward issue in this new operating system. However, you need to keep in mind that the system will not display any safety messages (eg.  “Are you sure you want to shut down your computer?”) when using these icons.

If you have found this tutorial useful and you are using the shutdown/ restart shortcuts in Windows 8, please share with us your opinions. Thanks!

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